Track Meet FAQs

Q: As an athlete what kind of shoes should I bring to meets?
A: Running shoes/trainers and spikes if you have them.

Q: Should I bring a snack with me to meets?
A: While many of the meets we attend will have a concession stand its always
a good idea to eat a good lunch and bring a healthy snack.

Q: Are athletes allowed to leave meets early?
A: While we encourage athletes to stay an support their teammates if they must
leave for something they can as long as it is with a parent/guardian. There will
be a sign out sheet for parents at each meet.

Q: How do I know what I/my athlete will be competing in?
A: Entries are typically due 2 days before meets so athletes will be told at
practice 2 days before meets what they will be competing in.

Q: How long do meets typically last?
A: Meets will vary in length based on the number of teams competing.
Conferences meets and Invites will be longer than dual meets.

Q: What is the order of events?
A: Here is a google doc of the order of events. Dual Meet Order



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